2011 The Year In Review

Dear Friends,

Is it just me, or do years seem to go by faster as you get older? It is hard to believe that another year has almost drawn to a close.

2011 has been a year marked with changes for us. Our youngest child has moved out of the house and so Lorie and I begin a new chapter in our lives as empty-nesters (so far so good!). Change can be a good thing, causing us to stop and rethink priorities, and there has been a lot of that going on for us, both personally and in the ministry.

In rethinking, I have pondered and prayed about the future of Master’s Image and feel God is clearly telling me to “stay the course.” This year I have had several confirmations that God is still with us in this ministry. Here are just a few examples:

  • After a recent performance of In His Steps there was a profound time of sharing from the congregation and a renewal of hearts and commitment unlike any I have seen in a very long time.
  • Last month I shared in an outreach at a church in Texas with close to 400 guests attending. After a performance of Encounters nearly 50 people responded to the invitation to begin a new life with Christ.
  • This year alone we were able to get another 400 children sponsored through our partnership with World Vision.
  • My new show, Truth Be Told…From a Guy Who Makes Stuff Up, has been very effective in helping people connect to their own stories. It has been exciting to see this piece help others validate the power of their own stories.

The year ahead brings new challenges. Scheduling is especially hard in this economy, yet we are managing to keep the calendar full. We are excited to be adding a new artist, Marcia Whitehead, to our roster. She has an incredible story (and voice) to share about her journey, and we hope to begin scheduling her in late spring. We are busy exploring other opportunities in our travels, and video productions in the new year as well.

One thing that has helped to make it possible for us to continue is the generous support of people who have blessed us with prayers and financial gifts. Because of that support we are able to continue to serve churches for a much smaller honorarium, and many for just whatever they can afford.

Thank you to all of you who have faithfully supported us. I know it is not always easy. As you reflect on your past year and look forward to 2012, we would be so very honored and blessed if you would consider a gift to Master’s Image Productions. We would be especially grateful if you could support us on a regular basis with a monthly pledge (and if you are already doing that, thank you!).  We couldn’t do what we do without the help of friends like you!

May God bless you and yours this Christmas and in 2012! Serving the Lord dramatically,

Chuck Neighbors

P.S.: If you would like to make a donation online with a credit card through Paypal click the “Donate” button on the sidebar of this page. To mail a donation send to: Master’s Image Productions, P.O. Box 903, Salem, OR 97308