About Those Cell Phones!

Anyone who has spent much time in front of an audience has had to deal with distractions and interruptions. Probably no place is this more common than in the church. Theaters and cinemas do a better job of “controlling” the performance environment, but in the church it is a more delicate proposition.

Times have changed. In years gone by it was babies crying, children squirming and people getting up and walking out and then back in during the service. Those things still exist, of course, but now perhaps the biggest annoyance to any church service is the inevitable ringing of a cell phone. One way to attempt to control this is with announcements and on-screen messages… but even these seem to be ignored… everybody seems to think it is meant for someone else and not for them. So to address the ever increasing need to get people’s attention we add this video for your consideration. If you like it you can purchase it in our online store.

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