About Master’s Image Productions

The play is the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.”
William Shakespeare

Shakespeare knew the power of the play to capture a conscience and even after four hundred years, things haven’t changed much. Today, as it has been for centuries, it is the play, the movie, the story that entertains us, giving expression to our thoughts and feelings, and yes, capturing our conscience. Sometimes the story sends a message of hope and redemption to our troubled world–too often it does not.

Enter Master’s Image Productions

Performances that inspire and move people…

sometimes to laughter, sometimes to tears…

but always toward the truth rooted

in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Since its beginning in 1984, Master’s Image Productions continues to be on the cutting edge of creative ministry for the local church and beyond. Under the direction of founder, Chuck Neighbors, the ministry has grown from its first one-man presentation, In His Steps, to international prominence as a leader in church creative ministry. Master’s Image has performed for conferences, conventions, retreats, colleges and thousands of churches. The productions are excellent for worship services, dinner theatres and special events. In addition to touring productions, the ministry offers training and consulting for church drama ministries, published scripts, and guest services such as directing and play writing. Explore our Shows page to see the full range of productions we offer.

Our blog is where you will find travel stories, articles and commentary that comes from our experiences. We love a good story… and trust you do too!

The First 25 Years

These videos, created for the 25th Anniversary of Master’s Image, give a good overview of our history.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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