FAQ – Booking Master’s Image Productions

About Booking Master’s Image Productions…

CN_PressConf_FunHow much does it cost to bring an artist to our venue?

While Master’s Image is first a ministry, please understand that this is also the livelihood of many of the artists. As circumstances are different for each artist and each venue, we don’t have a “one size fits all” fee structure. Please call us or email us and we will be happy to discuss financial arrangements with you. In addition to performance honorarium, travel expenses are also part of the cost associated with booking a performance. These will vary depending on location but may include airfare or mileage, rental car, lodging and meals.

Can we lodge you in a private home instead of a hotel?

Generally speaking we prefer hotel accommodations. Road life can be very demanding and staying in a hotel provides us the best circumstances to be refreshed and ready to serve you at performance time.

Can the travel expenses be shared by more than one organization?

Absolutely, and we love being able to share our ministry with more than one organization when we travel.

How much stage space does a performance require?

That will vary depending on the performance. We are pretty flexible and can adapt to almost any situation. We usually need enough room to place a couple of chairs and a small table on the stage and still be able to move about.

Do you provide posters and bulletin inserts?

While we don’t provide actual posters and inserts or flyers, we do have plenty of helps for you to supply your own. We can provide find photos, news releases and other media to assist in promotion.

Can we preview the script before the performance?

Reading a script is not the same as reading a novel or story. How a script reads is a matter of interpretation and often even trained actors don’t see the potential in a script until it is read out loud. For that reason and others, we don’t normally allow people to read the scripts in advance of the performance. We ask you to trust us and our knowledge and experience with the material. These performances are tried and tested. We are confident they will work effectively for you and your situation.

What ages do you perform for?

While most of our material works for general audiences, we do not have material that is specific for children. We do have plenty of material that works for youth through adult audiences and can tailor a performance to specific audiences as well (women’s and men’s retreats, youth events, banquets, etc.).

We are thinking of having you perform in the park. What do you think of that idea?

Not much. Unlike music, which can be passive entertainment to an audience, storytelling and drama demands focused attention on the part of the audience. An outdoor venue is difficult even in the best of circumstances, with the possibility of distraction multiplied many times over. While we don’t refuse to perform outside, we don’t recommend it.

We want to book you for a 10-minute spot on Sunday AM. Do you offer a reduced rate for a short performance spot?

It takes just as much time and energy for us to arrive and do 10 minutes on a Sunday AM, as it does for us to do a one-hour performance. Sunday morning is actually our most popular time slot for booking. While we can easily do the 10-minute spot, we have to commit to the entire morning to be with you. This also counts as a time where we can’t be at another church that may have wanted a full hour. So, the cost will be the same regardless of how long we are actually performing.

About Scripts For Sale…

Are the books targeted toward a certain age group?

The books all contain a broad spectrum of themes and target audiences. So, no we do not sell books that are specific to a certain age group.

Can I read the script before I buy it?

We do have a few scripts that are available to read as a sample. The publisher has the ability to let you read all the sketches before you buy. So if that is important to you, go there to read… but then come back here to purchase 🙂

Is it okay to photocopy the scripts for our cast members?

Absolutely. Included with the purchase of each book is the permission to photocopy for cast members!

Is it okay to photocopy the script for my brother and his church in Arkansas?

Sorry, no! Your brother needs to by his own copy of the book. Your rights for photocopying are limited to your church or organization.

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