BlackSmith Neighbors

BlackSmith Neighbors is a dynamic and talented Americana band hailing from the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. The band consists of three accomplished musicians: Bob Black on guitar and vocals, Jeff Smith on bass and vocals, and Chuck Neighbors on percussion and vocals.

Bob Black’s soulful and gritty guitar playing and expressive vocal style is the backbone of the band’s sound. Jeff Smith brings his driving bass and pleasing vocal harmonies to the mix, providing a solid foundation for the group’s rhythmic drive. Chuck Neighbors’ percussion skills and powerful voice add another layer of lively, dynamic dimension to the band’s sound.

BlackSmith Neighbors’ music is a vibrant blend of rock, country, folk, blues, and gospel, showcasing the group’s eclectic and diverse influences. Their songs are full of heart and soul, with lyrics that tell stories of love, loss, adventure, and redemption.The band has quickly gained a reputation as one of the Willamette Valley’s hottest live acts, playing wineries, taphouses, and a variety of local events. BlackSmith Neighbors is a band that is not to be missed. Their unique sound and heartfelt songs are sure to captivate audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

Meet the Band

Bob Black is an Oregon native who has been passionate about music from a young age. He was inspired to learn how to play the guitar after watching the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan’s Sunday variety show at the age of 10. Bob was a founding member of the bands Thunder Road and Brothers and once shared the stage with Elton John guitarist, Caleb Quaye. Over the years, he has played guitar and sung with a number of different groups and bands around the Pacific Northwest. Bob draws his inspiration from a variety of musical influences including Rock and Roll, Country, Blues, Popular, and Gospel. Bob has been able to balance his passion for music with raising a family, and his children have grown up surrounded by music, allowing him to create a fulfilling life for himself and those around him.


Jeff Smith
is the bass guitar player, known for his melodic approach to bass playing that brings texture, movement, and interest to the band’s diverse range of song styles. Jeff has a degree in music theory and composition from Corban University, where he also received classical training as a trombonist. Throughout his career, Jeff has performed with various groups, including the Salem Symphony, Brass Alliance, local theater productions, and traveling bands requiring additional musicians. He has also written numerous band and orchestra arrangements for local musical productions. After spending 12 years as a keyboard salesman, Jeff embarked on a career in civil engineering; however, his love for music never faded. Jeff is a self-taught bassist with over 30 years of experience playing in bluegrass groups, rock bands, worship bands, and recording sessions with opportunities to perform in Canada, France and Russia. He is an integral part of the band, bringing his wealth of experience and musical knowledge their sound.


Chuck Neighbors is a multi-talented artist who drums and sings with the band. Originally from Michigan, he was born with a natural affinity for the arts. Chuck has been passionate about both acting and music since childhood and he was equally involved in both acting in plays, and playing drums and singing in various bands and musical groups. Having received offers to pursue both professionally, he chose acting and went on to have a successful career spanning over four decades. Chuck’s unique one-man shows have captivated audiences on stages in 18 different countries across 6 continents. Although now retired from acting, Chuck has not stopped creating and entertaining. He spends his time writing children’s books and has returned to his other passion of music, playing with BlackSmith Neighbors. Apart from his artistic endeavors, Chuck is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, and makes his home in Salem, Oregon.