About Chuck

Chuck Neighbors, actor and storytellerChuck Neighbors began his career as a professional actor, director, storyteller and writer in 1974. He has toured his one-man shows throughout North America as well as 17 countries around the world. His most popular one-man drama, an adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s Christian Classic, In His Steps, has been featured on radio and television and performed before hundreds of live audiences. Chuck has performed in theaters, churches, gymnasiums, airplane hangars and even on board a submarine. He has traveled by planes, trains and automobiles (and buses and boats) and even by helicopter to mountaintops in South Korea, performing for U.S. military troops. In recent years Chuck’s ministry, Master’s Image Productions, has expanded to represent other professional Christian artists.

Chuck’s published works include 11 books of theater scripts and resources, including his best selling What Would Jesus Do? Playbook, The Comfort Zone, In the Moment(Lillenas Publishing), Power Plays (Baker Books) and Drama Workshop: Teaching Drama to Beginning Actors. In 2020 he wrote Church Pews, Potlucks, and a Tank of Gas: A Survival Guide for the Independent Christian Artist and for something completely different, he wrote the best selling children’s book, I Am Lucy and a book of faith based limericks: Get Me to the Church in Rhyme.

Chuck and his wife, Lorie, make their home in Salem, Oregon.


What Others are Saying…


“Chuck Neighbors reminds us all of the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Luis Palau
Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

“The current evangelistic movement teems with dramatic talent but none is quite so impressive as the one-person plays of Chuck Neighbors. “

Dr. Calvin Miller
Author and Speaker

“Chuck Neighbors is one performer you’ll not soon forget. I highly recommend him.”

Martha Bolton
Author & Emmy nominated comedy writer

“It’s refreshing to associate ourselves with someone whose heart is still in the ministry aspect of the business.”

Tim Curtis
Lillenas Publishing Company

“I commend him for his professionalism and also for his deep commitment to ministry—not always an easy combination.”

Dr. David Mains
Director, The Chapel Ministries

“It is a message of inspiration that everyone would be blessed to hear.”

Tony Campolo
Eastern College, St. Davids, PA

“But beware. . . it could be life changing.”

Steve Bell
Executive Vice President, Willow Creek Association

“Chuck communicates the timeless truths of the Gospel in an exciting and fresh way…”

Chris Fabry
Author and Radio Personality

“Everything I know of Chuck Neighbors speaks of excellence.”

Byron Spradlin
Founder & Director, Artists in Christian Testimony

“Chuck Neighbors had us in the palm of his hand the entirety of his presentation … thoroughly delightful and insightful.”

Martin Lonsdale
Vice President, World Vision

“I’ve heard nothing but good reports and special references on your kindness… I know you have been a positive influence for the company (of A.D. Players) as well as a teacher and entertainer for the community.”

Jeannette Clift George
A.D. Players, Houston, TX

“Chuck Neighbors’ thoroughly engaging and heartfelt rendering of the classic story, In His Steps, is a perfect fit for any church or ministry wanting to encourage and inspire their flock toward a deeper walk with the Lord. This is exactly what great drama and storytelling was created for… to reach hearts, challenge minds and change the world for the glory of God!”

Wendell Burton
Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

“I commend Chuck to you, not only as a fine actor and able minister but also as a man of character and genuine Christian commitment… God has used Chuck on our platform and across the globe. I’m quite sure He could use Chuck in your church as well.”

John Stumbo, Pastor
Salem Alliance Church, Salem OR

“I enthusiastically recommend Chuck Neighbors! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and were moved by his one-man presentations that dramatically presented the gospel. God used Chuck’s Encounters and Not The Way I Heard It to touch people in ways 100 sermons probably never would. We will definitely have him back!

Pastor Brett Hadley
Mountain View SDA Church, Las Vegas, NV

“If you are thinking of a guest event for those who don’t attend church, or if you want to challenge the believer to walk into a deeper experience with Christ, I recommend Chuck. He knows how to connect with any audience and in any setting.”

Morris Dirks, Pastor
Woodinville Alliance Church, Woodinville, WA

Merry Christmas, Mr Jones was an outstanding message for a Christmas outreach to our community. It is poignant, funny and very evangelistic. I recommend it for any church as a part of your Christmas celebration.”

Milton Jones, Pastor / Author
Amarillo South Church, Amarillo, TX

“We have had Chuck here on many Sunday mornings and every time our congregation has been challenged and encouraged by the ministry of Chuck Neighbors. I heartily recommend his work to you. You will enjoy working with him and his Christ centered message will challenge and encourage your congregation. There is nothing like a drama well done to bring to life the message of the Gospel.”

David Diehl, Pastor
Maple Valley Presbyterian Church, Maple Valley, WA

“God has graced Chuck with the ability to convey biblical truth to a 21st Century mind-set. When he ministers, you don’t see Chuck playing a part. Instead, you see the person he is portraying, and immediately begin to identify both with the person and the message God intends for you to hear. Your people will be greatly blessed and will gain significant insight into God’s Word as you observe it being lived out before your eyes.”

Rick Yohn, Pastor
Fellowship Community Church, Centennial, CO

“I strongly encourage you to bring Chuck Neighbors to your church and experience the powerful message of In His Steps. Your life will be impacted as well as the lives of your congregation.”

John Denney, District Superintendent
Church of the Nazarene, Murrieta, CA

“We had him here at the conference office during our Home Week … He also gave a performance at Southwestern Adventist University…He’s got a great presentation…a very unique way of presenting the gospel message!”

Rhonda Garner
Texas Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, Alvarado, TX

“Thanks again for your ministry to me and Sunrise. It was well received and greatly appreciated. Your rendition of the parables in today’s setting was very enlightening. I thank God for the writing and acting gifts He has given you. May you continue to use them to glorify the Lord.”

Rich Sherman, Pastor
Sunrise Community Church, Sacramento, CA

“I am happy to commend Chuck Neighbors to you as a minister and performer of high quality. We hosted his one-man performance of Not the Way I Heard It, a series of updated sketches on the parables of Jesus. His range of emotions prompted responses of laughter & tears from all ages. Chuck was professional in his arrangements, warm in his engagement with our church crowd, and Spirit-led in his presentation. If you are looking for a special or new way of presenting the teachings of Scriptural truth, Chuck Neighbors and his organization will leave your church happier and more in love with Jesus.”

Dr. Benjamin Norris
Church of the Nazarene, Oak Harbor, WA

“Your presentation of the parables truly connected with our people. In an informal survey of our congregation I discovered different people were touched deeply by different parables. Your characters were engaging and our people were clearly enjoying your time with us.”

Ian Munro, Pastor
Dallas Alliance Church, Dallas, OR

“We were blessed to have Chuck Neighbors perform Encounters in our church on Palm Sunday. I don’t think anyone moved a muscle – except to laugh. The production was perfect both for our church and for the time of year as we considered the life of Christ from different vantage points. I was especially blessed by the obvious faithfulness to the biblical text. Chuck didn’t take liberties in order to make the stories work, instead he unlocked the drama already inherent in the gospels. Everyone wants to know when we can have Chuck back.”

Jon Karn, Pastor
Light on the Corner Church, Montrose, CA

“About 2 years ago or so I attended the Drama Now Workshop. It was awesome! I was not bored one bit. Every semester I work with about 22 students and for the past 2 years I have used your book as a guide. I have been doing drama ministry for over 10 years now and I have yet to see a training book like yours. Everything that is in the book is simply powerful, engaging and excellent in every way. Every time I teach at a worship conference I tell people that Drama Now is a must have book if they want to start an effective drama ministry at their church. So I write all of that to say thank you so much for putting your workshop into a book format. It has been effective in training a little over a hundred students in the past two years. God Bless you and your ministry.”

Dustin Dauenhauer, Director Recruitment & Marketing
Christ for The Nations Institute, Dallas, TX

“Chuck Neighbors engages all ages in exceptional Bible dramatization. One is captured by Chuck’s blend of surprise, poignant truth telling, and humor. His ability to portray multiple characters and several “acts” in a sermon time-frame is an audience page-turner!”

Pastor Dave Vigna
Eastside Christian Church, Albany, OR

“We enjoyed having Chuck Neighbors at West Salem Foursquare. He is a true professional and an extraordinarily talented artist… It was touching as well as humorous. I would recommend Chuck for your next event or service. It is crazy that he’s based out of Salem, Oregon and it took this long to have him at one of our events!”

Pastor John Fehlen
West Salem Foursquare Church, Salem, OR

“It is my delight to recommend Chuck Neighbors as a leader and or performer at clergy; diocesan; and lay ministry area conferences. I particularly commend the freshness of Chuck’s acting and thoughtful way in which he presents the Biblical story. Chuck’s performance of the parables of Jesus, rewritten for the 21st century, were the high point of our recent clergy conference. It is our hope to have him return for another engagement.”

Victoria Matthews
Bishop of Christchurch, Christchurch, New Zealand

“The flexibility you showed in being able to connect with each audience—from a room full of guys going through recovery, to sharing the stage with the Sydney Staff Songsters, to ministering to our church congregations—had a powerful impact and, we believe, touched many hearts.”

Graeme Press – Music and Creative Arts Coordinator
The Salvation Army, Sydney, Australia

“Chuck was outstanding in presenting the implications of the gospel when he shared In His Steps with our congregation. The authenticity of the message gripped my heart. I was confronted with the voice of God and not the voice of an entertainer. I enthusiastically recommend Chuck to your congregation.”

Mark Goodwin, Pastor
Portland First Church of the Nazarene, Portland, OR

“We have been inspired, encouraged and challenged by past presentations—but even more so when you shared stories from your own life experiences (Truth Be Told). You told your own story with the same dramatic (and humorous!) flair as your other presentations, but this time we got to see the “real you” —how you and your family endured in difficult times through faith, hope and love. Thank you for allowing us to hear some of the most intimate events of your life…Your story reminded us that we all have stories to tell and is a great encouragement for us to share the grace and mercy of God with others.”

Pastor Jerry Sygney
Liberty Christian Church, Salem OR

“I was delighted with your new presentation (Truth Be Told). As a pastor I look at most things with an eye of how it would work in church. Your authentic presentation of your own story gives those in the audience a chance to look at their own stories from a new perspective. Congratulations on a job well done.”

Pastor Bill Graybill
Abundant Life Center, Jefferson, OR

“We were transported into a story of the past whose issues are our present and future. The In His Steps presentation by Chuck Neighbors spoke to us in a marvelous way. Its timeless message has strengthened us individually and congregationally to live with a timely and intentional passion as followers of Christ.”

Pastor Victor Rodriguez
Marysville Free Methodist Church, Marysville, WA

“Although Chuck’s performance was flawlessly entertaining and upbeat, the message he left with us continues as a challenge to do what Jesus would do when we are faced with life’s toughest questions—a compelling and sobering undertaking for any Christian who is serious about living out their faith using Jesus as their example.”

Pastor Mike Heisler
Westgate Christian Church, Spokane, WA