Church Pews, Potlucks, and a Tank of Gas

A Survival Guide for the Independent Christian Artist

By Chuck Neighbors
Foreword by Jason Gray


Available at Amazon here: Church Pews, Potlucks, and a Tank of Gas

This book is gold! Chuck Neighbors pulls back the curtain to give us a glimpse into the independent artist’s life. It is an honest, revealing and insightful guide—relevant to any musician, performer or speaker.” – Tom Jackson, Live Music Producer and Performance Coach, On Stage Success

A successful career as an independent Christian artist takes more than talent.  One also needs to be an entrepreneur with skills and abilities in sales, promotion, bookkeeping, fundraising, internet technology, networking, and social media.

In this book Chuck Neighbors shares his story, experiences, and valuable insights from over 4 decades of touring and making a living in ministry through the performing arts. You will learn about both the business and personal side of being an artist.  Full of strategies to make your arts ministry a success, including:

  • Finding Your Audience
  • Branding
  • Revenue Streams
  • Booking Gigs
  • Promotion
  • Time Management
  • Accountability

…and more!

This book is a great resource for both established artists and those just starting their career. If you are a singer, musician, actor, comedian, or speaker this book is an essential resource that will help and guide as you develop and grow your ministry.

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“If you are thinking of pursuing your art as a full-time career, and especially as a ministry, then do yourself a favor and buy this book. For a small investment, you will reap a large return. Honestly, some of the lessons contained in this book could save you lots of heartache and a load of money.”

– Mel Doppler, Worship Musician Magazine. (Read Full Review)

“Enter Chuck Neighbors with his book that aims to show us in very practical terms how to take our calling out into the world. The proof of his knowledge is in the pudding–Chuck has thrived as an actor and dramatist serving the church for 45 years!…I believe Chuck’s insights can help those of us walking our own tight wire balance as we learn to work as if everything depends on us, but trust as if everything depends on God”

– Jason Gray, Singer/Songwriter

“This book is gold! Chuck Neighbors pulls back the curtain to give us a glimpse into the independent artist’s life. It is an honest, revealing and insightful guide–relevant to any musician, performer or speaker. A must read for any artist called to ministry through the arts–in fact, I’d read it 2 or 3 times just to let it sink in.”

– Tom Jackson, Live Music Producer and Performance Coach

“Traveling Performers, Artists & Speakers–every Christian who travels to speak, sing, play, dramatize, perform or teach–you need this book! Punchy, funny, blunt, practical: wisdom from Chuck Neighbors’ life for over four decades will save you great misery and give you much help! Really. You don’t have enough time to make all the mistakes Chuck and numbers of us have made. So Church Pews, Potlucks, and a Tank of Gas, provides great insight you need. From how to book yourself, to how to arrange your daily life’s schedule, to the power of transparency, to the trials of travel, and much more, Chuck’s stories will open a window in to what it takes to develop a traveling arts ministry that can last a lifetime. Get this practical, real, and honest book. It will help you!”

– Dr. Byron Spradlin, President, Artists in Christian Testimony Intl.

“In 1976, I launched into the music ministry full time. There were no mentors for this. There were no books. There were no college courses. Through the hardscrabble of lessons learned through failure and success, I have been able to continue for more than 4 decades. But, it’s not a path most Christian artists are equipped for. Finally, there is a way to save artists in ministry from many lessons learned the hard way. It’s called Church Pews, Potlucks, and a Tank of Gas by successful independent Christian artist, Chuck Neighbors. If you are a Christian artist either beginning the journey or well on your way, this book is an essential guide to help you to not just survive, but to thrive.”

– Dr. Arlen Salte, Founder, Break Forth Canada, Director, Break Forth Ministries

“If I’d read Church Pews, Potlucks and a Tank of Gas 13 years ago when I was just starting out as an itinerant, independent minister to the Christian Church, it would have saved me a great deal of wandering in the wilderness. Chuck Neighbors graciously and generously shares from his wealth of experience pure gold nuggets of practical and spiritual wisdom that every independent Christian artist needs to know to survive. A great read.”

– Grant Norsworthy, Musician (Paul Colman Trio, Sonicflood) Speaker, Child Advocate,