Get Me to the Church in Rhyme

Limericks about God, Faith, and the Church

by Chuck Neighbors

Available at Amazon here: Get Me to the Church in Rhyme

…so engaging and warm-hearted and downright funny. They’re close to being addictive—like those potato chips, there’s no way to read just one!”  – Chris Fabry—Author and host of Chris Fabry Live

They say “write what you know” and Chuck Neighbors knows a thing or two about churches. He has been in literally thousands of them in his 45-year career as a touring actor and storyteller. Chuck brings his experience and his love for wordplay together in this collection of limericks on God, faith, and the church. A limerick is a clever and fun way to share a short story and these short stories are sure to make you smile and occasionally groan.

These are humorous, clean, and thought-provoking limericks on the Christian life. They are fun to read, quote, and share with others. This is a perfect gift for pastors, and church leaders, and really anyone who as ever sat in a pew.


Get Me to the Church in Rhyme.
Limericks to read and pass time.
On God, faith, and church,
With a smidge of research,
And if you should laugh, that’d be fine!

 Listen as Chuck reads from the book:


“I love funny, talented people, and Chuck Neighbors is one of my favorites. Whether he’s performing a one-man dramatic play, a comedy monologue, or appearing in an original sketch that he’s written, Chuck has entertained audiences all across this nation and beyond. Now, he’s turned his attention to writing books. Get Me To The Church In Rhyme is Chuck’s collection of humorous limericks covering a myriad of topics, all having to do with church life. From the offering to the benediction, from Methodists to Charismatics, Chuck has written about the world of church-goers with great respect and good humor. A fast read for some quick laughs. Now, I just have to wait for Volume #2.” – Martha Bolton, Emmy nominated former staff writer for Bob Hope, playwright, and the author of 88 books.

“I’ve loved watching Chuck perform onstage. These limericks reveal a different creativity. They’re so engaging and warm-hearted and downright funny. They’re close to being addictive–like those potato chips, there’s no way to read just one!”  – Chris FabryChristy Award winner, author of more than 80 books and host of Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio.

“I travel distances to get to see Chuck Neighbors. His presentations live with me. I remember every performance in detail that I have seen. He is that good. Now, with this book, I take him with me. This begs to be purloined.” – Gayle Erwin, Director of Servant Quarters and author of The Jesus Style

“Chuck is an artist through and through, hilariously poignant (a rare combination), memorable, talented and happily provocative. Enjoy this offering of observations—funny and often too-close-to-home hitting.” – Jay McCarl, Author/Pastor

“Chuck gets it! He finds the humor in the drama as he wryly observes such issues as snoring parishioners, the “That’s MY pew” declaration, church meeting “politics”, hypocritical “tsking”, TV preachers, the all- important coffee and donuts, the widely-held assumption that clogged toilets are the preacher’s responsibility, and that the service better not go one second over an hour. He then packages his wit and wisdom on each subject into five lines of rhyming irony that cannot help but bring a smile to even the most irascible church member. This little gem of a book is a mirror that reflects who we often are as a church, and subtly reminds us of who we should be. Every pastor needs a copy on their desk as a handy reminder to not take the inevitable drama of their calling too seriously.” – David Winton, Pastor/Actor

Available at Amazon here: Get Me to the Church in Rhyme