Hey Jude

A Story Aboout Music, Superheroes and Bugs

By Chuck Neighbors
Illustrated by Beth Niquette

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Jude has an active imagination and loves to learn new things. When he finds out his name is also the title of a famous song his imagination goes wild. He dreams of making music and saving the world as a superhero called Beetleman. He is an inspiration for all of us, reminding us to chase our dreams and make the world a better place.

Written from Jude’s point of view, Hey Jude looks inside the mind of child as they see and hear the things adults say, and then interpret those things based on their limited understanding of words and life experience.  The results are often humorous and heartwarming.

Parents and teachers will value the lessons in this book about:

  • Using Your Imagination
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Love of Family

And, of course, this book is a great way to introduce a child to the music of The Beatles!

Hey Jude is another great children’s book from best-selling author, Chuck Neighbors. It taps into the beauty of childhood imagination as well as the power behind names. Whether you have a child or grandchild named Jude or any other name, this can open the conversation to the meaning behind your child’s name. Names have power. This book shows it in a wonderful way with exceptional illustrations by Beth Niquette.”
– Arlen Salte, Singer/Songwriter, Grandfather to a ‘Jude’

“As a singer-songwriter of kids’ music, I really appreciate the way Chuck Neighbors capitalizes on children’s powerful imagination in this book. He references some classic pop tunes of our (i.e., Baby boomer) era to tell a heart-warming story to make every child feel special. I only wish that there had been a Chuck Neighbors to write a book about my own name when I was growing up!”
– Junko Nishiguchi Cheng, singer/songwriter/actor

Hey Jude is a bright, charming, and imaginative book! This book engages children to think deeper about the meaning behind words and their own names. Chuck includes references songs which gives readers the opportunity to sing-a-long – making this a sure favorite for kids. Written from Jude’s perspective, it is interesting and relatable. It’s sure to be a favorite!”
– Katy Burke, Elementary Teacher

“My 6yo and 8yo sons thoroughly enjoy Chuck’s latest offering Hey Jude and I sure appreciated the excuse to introduce them to some great songs from The Beatles. A good father/son time of bonding and a book I’m sure we’ll read together again and again.”
– Grant Norsworthy, Musician, More Than Music Mentor

“In Hey Jude, Chuck Neighbors has set off a quest for a youngster to explore why he is named ‘Hey Jude.’ It’s an adventure that may spur the reader on a journey asking about why they were given their own name. It might even start a fun exploration into the names and histories of their own family line of parents and grandparents.  It’s a fun read that speaks to both the current generation of youngsters and also an older generation who may be recalling the songs and society of their own youth.”
– Dr. John Lee Welton, Professor Emeritus of Theatre

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