Make Room for Casey

Make Room for Casey

By Chuck Neighbors
Illustrated by Barry Davian
Available on Amazon here: Make Room For Casey


With colorful and whimsical illustrations, Make Room for Casey is perfect for bedtime reading or for a snuggly afternoon with the kids. This delightful story follows a family with a new addition – a baby named Casey – as they struggle to find enough space in their already too-small home. The story, told in playful limerick, is sure to engage young readers while also teaching them the importance of a supportive family and the value of sharing. Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, Make Room for Casey is a must-read for anyone seeking a heartwarming and humorous story that will resonate with children of all ages.


“Our family has lived this scenario a few times! What a delightful, grace-filled journey Chuck has captured in this book. It will touch your heart and make you smile for the love of Casey.”

Chris Fabry, Author and Host of Chris Fabry Live

“Make Room for Casey is a wonderful reminder that the size of the home is no match for the size of the hearts of the family members residing there. In a world where we’re told that we should hold off on the big life milestones until every detail is perfect, this charming story celebrates the beauty of working together to make the best of our current circumstances. It weaves together valuable lessons with humor in a way that will resonate with the reader no matter their age.” 

– Vanessa Hunt, Author of Life in Season,
“Make Room for Casey is a delightful and lovely illustrated solution to a problem in which each family member strives, in their own loving ways, to solve. Not only is it a fun read, but a lesson to parents and children alike on finding ways to take care of difficulties that occur when a new family member arrives, and that sometimes solutions to our problems are right in front of us all along.”

– John Lee Welton, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Carson-Newman University.

Get the book on Amazon here: Make Room For Casey

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