Marcia Whitehead

Beautiful . . . moving . . . a needed message of hope!” 

Pastor Steve Fowler, Salem Alliance Church, Salem, Oregon

Performed by Marcia

You Raise Me Up

For most of her adult life, Marcia Whitehead had lived in a little garage apartment in Southern California and worked a modest-wage job. Like many of us, she lived paycheck to paycheck, and had more debt than savings. And, like most of us, she dreamed of an abundant life, beyond the ordinary. In her case, that meant becoming a professional singer, and for over twenty years she worked her 9 to 5 during the day and paid for coaches and teachers to train her voice on nights and weekends. A random acquaintance offered to arrange a hearing by Maestro Franco Iglesias—a world-renowned vocal instructor in New York City—whose students once included world class tenor Placido Domingo. It took a year just to arrange the audition, during which Iglesias would judge her chances at a late-blooming career. In the time that followed, it became clear that Marcia’s dream of finding an abundant life was about to come true just by following her dream…and then it was gone.


The question everyone was asking: “What happened to Marcia?”

Her story is beautifully told, in part, in the award-winning documentary Laundry and Tosca. Marcia has taken her story, added elements not included in the film, and adapted it into a live presentation that profoundly impacts the listener. It is a story of life after loss. It is a story of learning to trust in God and discovering His will in the journey. It is a story that everyone, no matter what your dreams or aspirations, needs to hear.

Listen to Marcia’s interview on the Chris Fabry Radio show: Sharing My Story


This presentation is a deeper look at the spiritual side of Marcia’s story first shared in the award-winning documentary film, Laundry and Tosca, which birthed her presentation You Raise Me Up.  Audiences have been asking for “more of the story” and Broken is Marcia’s response. It is her story of healing and discovery from her painful childhood through her career as a professional musician. Marcia’s story will resonate powerfully with anyone who has ever struggled with self-worth, purpose or their faith in God during the desert seasons of life. It is a story of restoration that can lead others into a journey with God toward healing and wholeness.



Wrappings is a reverent retelling of the greatest love story the universe will ever know. The story of God’s love for us, so profound in its depth and passion that God set aside His own majesty, wrapped Himself in human flesh and entered the world through a young Hebrew woman named Mary. Through story and song, Marcia investigates the fears, faith and hardships Mary and Joseph must have faced as they anticipated the birth of their miracle child, the Messiah. This journey to an ancient time and place will enrich your perception of the events leading up to the birth of Christ and give you a renewed appreciation for Mary and Joseph’s profound faith in God.


Scheduling Information

Marcia’s presentations average 45-55 minutes in length and are simply staged. The presentations require minimal stage props, sound and lighting needs, making them adaptable to almost any setting. The performances are perfect as a creative sermon in a worship service and are also excellent for special events, outreach, dinner/dessert theater, retreats and conferences.

Booking arrangements typically include expenses (a minimal booking fee and travel) and a freewill offering. Marcia is also partner in ministry with Food for the Hungry and a few minutes of each performance is dedicated to sharing about their work with the poor. To schedule use the form below or email us at: or call 503-399-0415.

About Marcia Whitehead

Marcia Whitehead is an award-winning performing artist who has been seen on both stage and screen. In addition to appearing as a guest artist at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Marcia is the subject of the award-winning film, Laundry and Tosca, which has been honored in international film festivals, broadcast worldwide, and for which Marcia was presented the award for “Best Music” at the Sabaoth Film Festival in Milan, Italy. Additional film work includes a featured role in Praying the Hours, in which she portrayed a character based on her life. Marcia is also featured in soundtracks for Hanna-Barbera’s  Jetsons: The Movie and The Easter Story. Marcia became an artist associate of Master’s Image Productions in 2011 which has allowed her to share her stories throughout North America.


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