Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones

NOTE: As of January 2020, after 45 years of touring and performing, Chuck Neighbors is taking a break from his travels and devoting his time to writing. However, feel free to inquire about the availability of this production as exceptions may be made, and/or another performer might also be performing this production.

Performed by Chuck Neighbors

The year is 1990 in the city of Seattle, Washington. We are in the dressing room of Edward Jones, department store Santa Claus. He is a lonely and bitter man who still mourns the death of his wife five years earlier. As the story unfolds, Ed will reveal some hidden truths about himself and make some startling discoveries. The true Spirit of Christmas finally finds a home in his heart, giving him hope for the future! (Warning: get out your handkerchief!)

Length: Approx. 40 minutes
Author: Chuck Neighbors
Themes: Christmas, Evangelism, Family, Reconciliation, Hope
Audience: Teen through adult
Great for worship services, outreach events, dinner/dessert theater, retreats and conferences

“Not only was it professional, well done and thoroughly enjoyable, but Chuck’s ability to connect with the audience is a special gift. More importantly, the gospel shines through loud and clear. We look forward to his next visit with us and highly recommend him.”

Mike Cirillo, Pastor
Warehouse Christian Community Church, Washougal, WA

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Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones Trailer