Passing Notes on a Plane

Every once in awhile you get a little reminder that what you say and do can make a difference to someone. Tonight was one of those times. Many years ago I sat on a plane next to a young deaf man. We had quite a conversation writing notes to each other on our flight. A couple years later I performed at a church and this couple comes up to me, reminds me of the note writing conversation, and informs me that that young man was their son and then show me the notes I had written–saved as something special. They thanked me for being an encouragement to him. Then tonight, some 10 years later that same couple comes up to me and reminds me of that conversation again. Their son still remembers, parents still remember, this guy that encouraged their son on an airplane, they still have those notes from oh so many years ago. I am amazed!

And I am also a bit ashamed of the fact that this conversation was a rare thing for me. I typically try to avoid conversation with strangers on a plane. I stick my nose in a book or put ipod earbuds in my ears to avoid making contact with others. How many opportunities have I missed to be an encouragement, a listening ear, because I was too inwardly focused to connect with a stranger? Something to ponder….

Chuck Neighbors