Where Chuck Neighbors Has Performed

Chuck Neighbors has performed, spoken, and taught at a lot of places… hundreds of churches of different denominations, colleges, schools and conferences. Here is a partial list of some those places:


United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Australia, Peru, El Salvador, New Zealand, England, The Dominican Republic, Greece, Spain


Focus on the Family
Chapel of the Air
Moody Radio
World Vision
Break Forth Canada
Artists In Christian Testimony International
Greater Europe Mission
You Need To Know
Lillenas Drama Conference
Christians in Theater Arts
National Creative Arts Festival
Worship Northwest
Church Music Northwest
Intermountain Worship Festival
National Youth Drama Conference
Pastoral Leadership Institute
Men’s Roundup
Cannon Beach Conference Center
Mt. Herman Conference Center
The Firs Conference Center
Northwest Medical Teams
Drama Improvement Conference
Created To Praise
United States Military

Sharing the Stage With

Clay Cross
First Call
Senator Mark Hatfield
Ken Medema
Ralph Carmichael
Stan Endicott
Chris Machen
Derric Johnson
Regan Courtney
According to John
Lamb’s Players
Tom Jackson
Jason Gray
Twila Paris
Morgan Cryar
Marilee Pierce Dunker
Riding Lights Theatre
Jeanette Clift George
Taproot Theater
Deborah Craig-Claar
Curt Cloninger
Jeff Smith
Doug Berky
Custer & Hoose
Luis Palau
Joe Aldrich
Rich Stearns
Nicky Cruz
Mike Yaconelli
Calvin Miller
David Mains
Brennan Manning
Steve Farrer
Torry Martin
Jeff Allen
Martha Bolton
McNair Wilson
David Shelton
Phil Nash
Marquis Laughlin
Wesley Brainard
Byron Spradlin
Steve Pederson
Arlen Salte
Dennis Jernigan
Phillips, Craig & Dean
Theater for the Thirsty

In Print

Lillenas Publishing

In the Moment
The What Would Jesus Do? Playbook
The Comfort Zone
All The Best Sketches
Short Scenes for Worship
Quickstart Drama for Worship
Drama Now!
Real Time

Baker Books

Power Plays (Vol. 1-6)

And articles published in:

Guideposts Magazine
Worship Leader
Bookstore Journal
The Lillenas Drama Newsletter
The Communicator

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