Steve Wilent

He engages you with his sense of humor and then brings home scriptural principles with power and relevance…I heartily recommend him and his ministry.”

Luis Palau
Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

Performed by Steve

According to John

The Bible comes to life in this one-man, high-energy, dramatic presentation taken directly from John’s gospel.  The Scripture is the text as Steve interprets the words of John so believably you will forget that it’s a script and feel like you’re having a conversation with John in person. Performed in street clothes and using a single folding chair as a prop, the people, places and events of Christ’s ministry are acted out with humor, heart and passion that brings John’s Gospel to life.  

Working on Grace

The grace of God, His ridiculously amazing grace, is the most radical concept in the universe.  This presentation explores both God’s grace toward us and our grace toward each other. Funny, poignant and moving, you will gain a newfound appreciation for all that Jesus has accomplished for us by going to the cross.

The Traveler

It’s late Christmas Eve and Bob Thomas is stranded at the Seattle airport. Bob was determined to make this year’s Christmas the most special one ever and now everything that can go wrong has! Will Bob find a way home in time? What follows is a funny, heart-warming and thoughtful drama that about family relationships, priorities God’s presence in our lives.



Unlikely Prospect

The local church – who needs it? Why bother? Is it even relevant anymore?  Welcome to Prospect, a small town on the edge of nowhere.  You will experience real-life stories from Steve’s life as a young first time pastor.  You’ll journey with him as he struggles to come to grips with a quirky congregation and in the process learn that the local church is still God’s unlikely prospect to bring hope to a desperate world!

Scheduling Information

Steve’s presentations average about 45-55 minutes in length and are simply staged. The presentations require minimal stage props, sound and lighting needs, making them adaptable to almost any setting. The performances are perfect as a creative sermon in a worship service and are also excellent for special events, outreach, dinner/dessert theater, retreats and conferences.

Booking arrangements typically include expenses (a minimal booking fee and travel) and a freewill offering. Steve is also partner in ministry with Food for the Hungry and a few minutes of each performance is dedicated to sharing about their work with the poor. To schedule, email us at: or call 503-399-0415.

About Steve Wilent

Steve Wilent is an actor, storyteller and published author. His body of work includes acting, directing and writing for both stage and screen. With degrees from Multnomah University and Western Seminary, Steve has also served churches both as a pastor and as Director of Creative Mininistries. He has toured the country as an artist associate of Master’s Image Productions since 2002. With a grin, he will proudly tell you that he has performed with Blue Man Group in London and that film director George Lucas once paid him to not be in one of his movies.


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