At What Cost? – An Update

In an earlier post I shared the story of “Rashid,” a Pakistani Christ follower living in Athens, Greece. I just got this update on my friend. I am amazed at his bold faith in the midst of trials.

Arrested by Police and spent some hours in the Police station. I was on a full bus with refuges. A policeman snatched my cell phone and slap me on my face. After checking criminal records I was released, with warning to stay at home do not come out…or leave Greece.  In the police station I shared with two guys about Jesus and Bible, and we pray together.  One of them accepted the message, and wants to read the Bible and be baptized. The other wanted to meet me again and he wanted to ask some questions. Remember me in your prayers.”

Please do remember Rashid in your prayers.  He will likely read this blog, so if you want to give him a message of encouragement, please feel free to do so!