Then vs. Now

ihscropped-COLLAGEFor many years I was used to hearing comments like, “You look younger in person than in your publicity photos.”

Then there was a time when I heard, “You look just like your publicity photos.”

Recently someone said, “You look older in person than in your publicity photos.”

Okay… I guess it is time for some new photos.

I believe in truth in advertising! I enlisted a good photographer, who happens to be my son, Jon, and spent a bit of time this month updating the website with new photos that I hope will give a more accurate depiction of what this actor guy really looks like. (If you like the photos and need a photographer, please consider Jon. Check out his work here:  Jon Neighbors Photography.)

chuck08-COLLAGEBut this whole issue of my not looking like I used to look got me to thinking about all the things we once took for granted that are no more. When it comes to my profession as a performer working in churches, I came up with these observations:

I used to hear, “We might book you for a potluck dinner.”
Then I heard, “We would like to book you for our worship service.”
Now I hear, “We don’t book outside artists or speakers.”

I used to hear, “Drama, that would be great for the kids.”
Then I heard, “We have our own drama ministry that performs in our worship services.”
Now I hear, “Drama, that would be great for the kids.”

I used to hear, “We can’t move the pulpit; it is bolted to the floor.”
Then I heard, “We bring out the pulpit after the band finishes their set.”
Now I hear, “What’s a pulpit?”

I used to hear, “No food or beverage allowed in the auditorium!”chuck11-COLLAGE
Then I heard, “Only water is allowed in the auditorium.”
Now I hear, “Grab your latte and find a seat.”

I used to hear, “Turn in your Bibles to Acts Chapter….”
Then I heard, “The scripture from Acts is on the overhead screen.”
Now I hear, “Click on your Bible app and scroll over to Acts…”

I used to hear, “We meet twice on Sunday and once in the middle of the week.”
Then I heard, “We only meet on Sunday mornings.”
Now I hear, “We watch our church service in our pajamas at home via livestream.”

I know, this all smacks a bit of the ol’ “Why, when I was a kid…” stories we heard from our grandparents. But maybe that’s not so bad. Times do change…some for better and some for worse.

For now I hope to hear once again, “You look younger than in your publicity photos…” Hey, a guy can dream!

8 thoughts on “Then vs. Now

  1. John Lee Welton says:

    I loved this. It’s hard sometimes to not see ourselves
    as we once were. One of our neighbor ladies just died and her obit photo was when she was probably in her twenties. She was 92 when she passed.

    The other morning I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “You know, I think you’re getting better looking each year.” Then it dawned on me that it was just my eyesight failing.

  2. Scott Bettis says:

    You neglected to mention what an amazing feat it is to be doing this so long that you no longer look like your publicity photos.

    1. Chuck Neighbors says:

      The really fun fact is how much I tried to make myself look older back then!

  3. Mimi Matthews says:

    I enjoyed reading this, Chuck. Everything changes, for sure. Amazing that you are still living your passion in this way.

    1. Chuck Neighbors says:

      Thanks Mimi, I am blessed to be able to do what I love. Amazing to me too!

  4. Eric Miller says:

    Chuck, you are always entertaining! I always enjoy your blog posts. I am very impressed that God has given you the gift of longevity in this nearly-unheard-of industry. And by the way, I think sometimes you really do look younger in person than your publicity photos!

    1. Chuck Neighbors says:

      Thanks Eric! I try to “act” young. Maybe that helps.


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