Thoughts on being a Christian Actor – Part 2

(Read Thoughts on Being A Christian Actor – Part 1)

Being an actor is a profession often associated with being a celebrity.  Being a Christian actor… not so much. Actually I am quite grateful for that… I would hate to be a celebrity.  However, being a Christian actor does carry a certain amount of recognition in the local community. Sort of a fishbowl syndrome where lots of people recognize you and you have no clue who many of them are.  The recognition seems to happen at the worst of times.  Like when I race to get into a parking space and “accidentally” cut off someone else.

Guy: Hey Buster, what’s the big idea cutting me off…. hey, aren’t you that Christian actor guy?

Or in the checkout at the grocery store.

Guy: Hey honey, look it’s that Christian actor guy. (notice that Christian actor guys have no name)

I have a flash of recognition–they’re from First Baptist Church–at the same moment their eyes flash on the bottle of wine in my grocery cart…

Me:  It’s for a recipe. Look it’s on the list.  Lorie told me…it’s Cooking Sherry!

Ah, yes, the Christian fishbowl.  Everybody’s watching… and judging…

My kids really hated it.  To them it seemed they were being monitored all the time. And when I would try to impress upon them that it mattered what they wore, where they were seen and what they were doing when they were seen…. they seemed to see right through me.

Kids: Your just afraid of what people will think because we’re your kids and you’re that Christian actor guy.

And sometimes they were right.  No matter how much I don’t want to admit it, I live too much of my life trying to fit into the box that others have designed for me. How about you?

Chuck Neighbors