Truth Be Told…from A Guy Who Makes Stuff Up

NOTE: As of January 2020, after 45 years of touring and performing, Chuck Neighbors is taking a break from his travels and devoting his time to writing. However, feel free to inquire about the availability of this production as exceptions may be made.

Performed by Chuck Neighbors

Truth Be Told is all about stories—true stories—from the life of Chuck Neighbors (that “Christian Actor Guy”). He’s not making this stuff up! Instead of hiding behind one of his many characters Chuck pulls back the curtain of his own life to reveal some of the stories that come from his years as an actor, family guy, and world traveler. Authentic stories that will make you laugh, groan and go “hmmm.” Stories about faith, hope and persevering when the “bad stuff” happens. Stories about the importance of story… leaving the audience to reflect on their own stories. Truth Be Told is a story about God’s grace, and that’s a story everyone needs to hear!

Length: Approx. 45 minutes
Author: Chuck Neighbors
Themes: Story, God’s Grace, Perseverance, Evangelism, Family
Audience: Teen through adult
Great for worship services, outreach events, dinner/dessert theater, retreats and conferences

“It was amazing how quickly the time passed–but that’s the sign of a gifted and engaging storyteller, which you certainly are.”

Frank Paine, Pastor
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Temperance, MI

Truth Be Told Trailer