Two New Video Ilustrations for Sermons

I’ve been doing more video production recently. For your consideration, here are our latest two:

Mr. Potato Head God

Years ago I heard a sermon about how we often try to make God conform to what we want Him to be at any given moment. The pastor referred to this “god” as our Mr. Potato Head God. The illustration has stayed with me and at times haunted me over the years. Sometimes I am guilty of “playing god” with God. See if you can identify with Mr. Potato Head God:

You can purchase this video here: Mr. Potato Head God


I’ll admit it, I love to play Solitaire. With computer games only a click away it is easier than ever to waste too much time trying to win one more hand. Using the game of Solitaire as a metaphor, this video can serve as an excellent illustration on the themes of isolation, addiction, time management and more.

You can purchase this video here: Solitaire

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these two videos!

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