Where Is Lucy?

A Story About Hide and Seek and Little Lost Sheep

By Chuck Neighbors
Illustrated by Chris Kielesinski

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We love this game of hide and seek,
We play it right, try not to peek.
But the best part of my hiding place,
Is to be found by Dad and his embrace.”

If you were to ask Lucy to list some of her favorite things to do, a game of Hide and Seek would be near the top of the list. And really, what child doesn’t love this game? And while Lucy and her brother, Jude love to hide, they can hardly wait to be found. The story is an excellent parallel to The Parable of the Lost Sheep.

Parents and teachers will value the lessons this book teaches about:

  • Family
  • Love and Acceptance
  • Values and Priorites
  • Accepting differences

Where Is Lucy? is the second book in the I Am Lucy series. Lucy has Kabuki syndrome, a rare genetic disorder believed to affect 1 in 32,000 births worldwide. In the first book we learned about some of Lucy’s special needs. In Where Is Lucy? she continues to show us that in so many ways she is just like every other child. She wants to be found, accepted and loved for who she is.

For more information on Kabuki syndrome visit: www.allthingskabuki.org

Illustrator Chris Kielesinski work in progress…
  • Photo of Dad and two children

The Author Reads


“Lucy returns! Her charming personality is captured once again in a simple every day game. She loves to hide, but better yet she loves to be found. And don’t we all? Chuck Neighbors references a familiar biblical story with Lucy’s favorite game, then wraps it all in family love.”

Sharon de Laveaga, Speech Pathologist

“After reading the first book of this series, I Am Lucy, I am delighted to read the second book, Where Is Lucy? and to recommend it.  The rhyme by Chuck Neighbors is fun to read and Chris Kielesinki’s illustrations are magical.  Lucy was born with a condition called Kabuki syndrome.
However, this book is not about Kabuki syndrome, but about how every child with special needs is no different than any other child in the world.  Through a story about hide and seek, we see the innocence and joy of childhood and the love of a father.  We also experience the joy and glee in being found by Dad.  There is a symbolism between a game of hide and seek and our own desire to be “found” by our Heavenly Father.  There is no caveat to being accepted by God. He loves us all regardless. 
This book should be read by every teacher, parent and child.  The culture of the world is to exclude and even bully people with disabilities.  Where is Lucy? and the book, I Am Lucy can help children (and adults) begin to embrace differences and welcome them into our circle.”

Russel Sweet, Retired Educator

“This is the second in a series of Lucy books that are well written and illustrated. Chuck’s books are dedicated to his granddaughter Lucy and bringing awareness to Kabuki syndrome. The books are delightful, but also very educational for adults and children alike. In each of his books, Chuck reiterates that every child is different, but also very much alike and with every difference, there is just as much, if not more common ground. We adults would do well to practice Lucy’s love for others and happiness despite her challenges!”

Jerry Osborne, MPE, Physical Education Instructor

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