Master’s Image conducts workshops on drama, storytelling and communication tailored to meet your needs. The workshops are designed to be fun and participatory with an emphasis on learning by doing. Workshops are a great way to kick off a church drama ministry and they are excellent events to offer to other churches and organizations in your community. In addition to a typical performance-basics workshop there are several short seminars that are popular additions to a conference, convention or retreat setting.

Here is a partial list of topics we offer:

  • Drama in Worship
  • The Power of Story
  • The Power of One (monologues)
  • The Director’s Vision
  • Stage Presence
  • Improvisation

We are often asked “what do you cover in a basic workshop?” The following outline should help answer that question. Keep in mind that we also customize the workshop based on your needs. The following workshop would be considered “all day” (about 6 hours).

  • Registration/Coffee and Donuts
  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • Why Drama in the Church?
    • What Does it Take to Make it Happen?
  • Performance Basics – This section will teach aspects of the following basics through exercises and discussion.
    • Dealing with Inhibition
    • Body Control
    • Body Movement
    • Eye Contact and Control
    • The Voice: Projection and Diction
    • Memorization
    • Characterization
  • Lunch
  • Practical Application – Now we will put some of the basics to work in more exercises and improvisation.
    • Script Analysis
    • Situation Improvisations & Role Playing
    • Drama in Worship – exploring the models
      • Drama as a setup to the sermon
      • Drama as the sermon
      • Drama in other parts of the worship (call to worship, call to prayer, offertory, benediction)
      • Dramatic Scripture Reading / Reader’s Theatre
    • Resources – where to find good scripts
    • Drama Ministry Dos and Don’ts
    • Questions and Answers
  • Close


What Others Are Saying….

“All I’m saying folks, is take Chuck’s drama workshop! Whatever your ministry is…children, drama, music…take it! Inspiring, motivating, and truly professional. I learned oodles about stage presence and following my own calling and laughter. I took his workshop twice, and I still use what I learned. One of the best investments in my ministry I’ve ever made!”

“About 2 years ago or so I attended the Drama Now Workshop. It was awesome! I was not bored one bit. Every semester I work with about 22 students and for the past 2 years I have used your book as a guide. I have been doing drama ministry for over 10 years now and I have yet to see a training book like yours. Everything that is in the book is simply powerful, engaging and excellent in every way. Every time I teach at a worship conference I tell people that Drama Now is a must have book if they want to start an effective drama ministry at their church. So I write all of that to say thank you so much for putting your workshop into a book format. It has been effective in training a little over a hundred students in the past two years. God Bless you and your ministry.”

“I wanted to say thank you for a great weekend of teaching, ministry, fun and challenges. The Fine Arts ministry has not been the same since you were here.”

“Loved the demos and hands-on.”

“He is very energetic and did a great job in a short time.”

“Excellent class. So many people wanted to be there. Mr. Neighbors had no room for some exercises he wanted to show.”

“Good ideas and audience participation activities.”

“Loved the interaction between teacher/audience.”

“Very informative.”


“He is a great resource person for this topic!”

“Loved the interactive quality of this class.”

“Good ability to present information interestingly.”

“Focused, kept the topic moving.”

“The info and demos of characters were very good!”

“He kept to the schedule, covered everything, had fun, and fielded questions without allowing questions to dominate everything.”

“The room was way too full (but that’s good because it was GREAT!).”

“Great workshop!”

“Interesting, informative, inclusive.”

“Great practical applications.”

“Chuck is great. Always can learn from him.”

“Good working solutions to common problems”

“Instructor was good/knowledgeable, stayed on topic.”

“Dynamic presenter!”